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Boots, Jewelry & Love

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My Bead Room is complete!

I LOVE to create jewelry! I have been handcrafting jewelry since my oldest was just a baby - so it's been about 27 years. I remember my first trip to the bead store...and my first purchase of some really good jewelry tools...I just love everything about it!!
So when we purchased our home last Fall, and started on this renovation journey (aka craziness), one room was dedicated to being my Bead Room/Office & I'm so proud of it!! I just have to show it off!!



The transformation is HUGE!!

First up, all the junk in the first photo, was the sellers stuff - so that was removed at time of purchase.

Then we had the carpet cleaned. Ew!

The really, really, super dirty shutters were removed & then we could see what was going on with the window! John tightened the screws to the window. You know, the screws that keep the window attached to the house? 🙄 Not sure why, but they were all loose. Air flowed pretty freely around the window frame, so we added more insulation & caulked. Voila! No leakage! Then that window got a serious washing! 

John then proceeded to patch around the window and 100+ holes in the walls!

We had already removed the door (we're hanging a barn door - a project for another day) and the door frame was patched. I can't tell there was ever a door there!! #masterpatcher

We were going to use the original light fixture - it wasn't too bad. Just an average light, but when we loosened it to paint the ceiling, it looked like the previous owners had put the wrong lightbulbs in it because the ceiling looked a little scorched around the light fixture. Not good. The insulation in the light fixture was black and melted (OMG!). So...Yeah...we got a new light. 

The ceiling was painted & all the trim, in a beautiful white paint from our local Benjamin Moore paint store, Hopper & Roe! I know I have the specific color somewhere, but I just can't remember it. 

The NEW drum, crystal light fixture came from Home Depot & I just love it!! Each dangle of crystals (there are 63) had to be hooked to the light before installing. The light quickly became a two person job, with John holding the light above my head so that I could see up underneath to hook the crystals. Damn good thing that light looks so awesome!! The installation was a little bit of a booger, but we got it!

All the patched holes were sanded and thus we began the 2 coats of the beautiful palest of pinks, called Head over Heels, also a Benjie paint from Hopper & Roe. Goodbye terra cotta gross walls!! I'm so proud of our paint job!! I really don't think we could have done a better job!

Once all the paint was dry, John installed the new faux wood blind and began working on the tongue & groove, knotty pine wall! This was for the sole purpose of covering the painted over wallpaper wall. Soooooooo much painted over wallpaper in this house! WTF!? We literally could not, physically strip any more walls! And my daughter & her boyfriend did a lot of the stripping, but then the adhesive removal is twice as extensive! Bleh!

That wall is a thing of beauty!! OMG I LOVE that WALL!!! And it smells so good!! We chose not to stain it or to put any sealer on it & I'm ok with that! I absolutely love the rawness to it!
The outlets got switched out to updated outlets and I started unpacking all my beads, tools, display forms and put up my desk area - where I am sitting at right now! WooHoo!! Sitting at the dinette area was getting a little old. Six medium boxes later, I'm unpacked, set up and have been organizing my beads like crazy!
Oh! And my kick-ass new desk chair came from Wayfair. I love this chair! Do you know how hard it is to find a desk chair, with a wide seat and no arms? No easy feat! I just need one more so I'm not scooting it across the floor, every day, many times a day, from my desk to my bead table. 
And now, next up, we need to gut the closet, repair the walls, paint it, hang new shelving and decide what we're doing with the pocket door. I think we may just paint the door white, but I'm not sure yet. We also need to hang that barn door some time, but that will require painting the family room - a project down the road, & I need to finish with the bead organization. Some day, I hope we re-do the floors - maybe re-carpet or something. It has a few stains that couldn't come up & the previous owners didn't tape or protect the carpet when they painted the terra cotta color, so there are a lot of "boo boos" around the edge. But it's fine for now...
But just for the room, I would say it took us about a month to accomplish. It may have gone way quicker if the room was the only thing we had going on in our lives, but alas, it was not. 
What I love about this room:  the natural light & EVERYTHING!!! EVERYTHING we did, was out of love for our new home & I just LOVE it!! It was a lot of work - but so worth it!!
So, I hope you all like hand crafted jewelry, because there is going to be a lot of it coming your way, very soon! Once I'm organized, it's goin' down!! I can't wait to start showing you my new pieces! Until then, remember we have a BUNCH of new Old Gringo boots coming in & have already arrived!

Boots, jewelry and love, are truly all we need!

❤️ Michele


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March 21, 2019: SPRING is HERE!🌿🌷


At first, Spring seemed like a unicorn dream, but it's HERE! It might be a couple months before we see our front lawn (that is still buried under about a foot of snow! UG!), but I don't care! Spring has sprung & I'm so ready for NEW SPRING looks!!

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I'm so ready for easy, breezy, chic looks for warm days!

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Little red mules! I CANNOT wait for these Amber Mules to arrive! NEW this year, by Old Gringo - you KNOW these are going to be the 'IT' shoe for Spring + Summer! Purchase to reserve your size today! A few sizes will ship in June & I don't want you to miss out!!

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Ok, so we've got some new clothes ✅, a couple new mules ✅ and our lips are nourished✅! Maybe we need a NEW handbag...? ✅✅✅ Of course! Please check out AmeriBag, elf, or Rebellion Bags!!

OMG & STAY TUNED!! We hope to have a NEW line of amazing leather bags, made here in the USA!!! Fingers crossed we'll have good news for you soon!!

 Thanks for reading the new blog! Happy Spring!

xx, Michele

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